Global Change

The research is focused on the impact of ocean acidification, temperature increase, and changes in  food resources linked to global change on the development, physiology and distribution of echinoderms in temperate, tropical and polar ecosystems.

Ongoing research follows four majors goals : determining the relations between metabolic activity and resistance to warming and acidification in echinoderms, assessing the effect of acidification on the bioerosion of coral reefs by sea urchins (collaboration with Prof. Grosjean, University of Mons, Belgium), determining the factors involved in high resistance to acidification in cidaroid sea urchins, and evaluating the response of Antarctic sea urchins to changes in food resources linked to sea ice extent (collaborations with B. David and T. Saucède, Université de Bourgogne, France and with G. Lepoint, Université de Liège, Belgium).


You can find the Lab’s publications on Global change on our Mendeley group page