Biogeographic Atlas

Biogeographic information is of primary importance for monitoring biodiversity and detecting impacts of environmental changes, developing the bio/ecoregionalisation of the Southern Ocean, designing marine protected areas, conducting comparative biogeographic analyses, and discovering marine biodiversity hotspots. Stressed by fast-paced change, and strong environmental pressure, the importance of having high quality data openly available online has become part of the Antarctic researchers culture. As a result, more and more biodiversity primary data is made available through dedicated information systems, which take the form of web or data portals, offering free and open access to highly needed information.

In collaboration with the Team, BIOMAR has been collaborating the development of an online version of the Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean (BASO).

The Atlas builds its content from authoritative sources, including of course data assembled in the framework of the initiative, including content from different databases (Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS), SCAR-MarBIN, ANTABIF, Antarctic Field Guides, GenBank,…), allowing the end-users to provide feedback on data or models.

Visit the online version of the Biogeographic Atlas here.