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About me

I have a background in marine biology, molecular ecology and reproductive biology of several taxa (crustaceans, echinoderms). At the ULB marine lab, I am focusing on the diversity of Antarctic benthos in the context of the rECTO project and the Belgica121 expedition. Previously, I worked at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the British Antarctic Survey (England) to investigate the phylogeography of Antarctic echinoderms. During my PhD (Univ. Bourgogne-France & ULB-Belgium), I worked on the ecology and evolution of a host-parasite pair in the Caribbean Sea. In that context, I have participated to several scientific fieldworks and research stays abroad (e.g. Antarctic Peninsula, Lesser Antilles, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute).


Research Interests

Marine Ecology



Animal behaviour

Other Activities

Thematic editor for Asteroidea in the Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS)
Board Member of APECS Belgium (2018-2019)


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