Master Students

The following students are carrying out their Master Thesis research at the Marine Biology Lab:

Maureen Kassel (ULB)

Charlie Plasman (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “Methodology: using maxent and boosted regression trees approaches to optimize expedition sampling design. A case study.”
  • Director(s): Anton Van de Putte

Isabelle Davezies (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “La zone mésophotique comme le conservatoire corallien du futur ?”
  • Director(s): Philippe Dubois

Pierre Wielemans (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “RAATD: comparing the bioindicating value of 17 Southern Ocean species”
  • Director(s): Anton Van de Putte

Alexia Dimopoulos (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “L’impact de la sédimentation sur les coraux noirs du Grand Récif de Tuléar”
  • Director(s): Philippe Dubois

Lucien Brochier (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “Modélisation  de la niche trophique du Pétrels de neige (Pagodroma nivea) de Sør Rondane  (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctique)”
  • Director(s): Bruno Danis

Constance Buron (ULB)

Jérôme Montero Redondo (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “TBD”
  • Director(s): Bruno Danis

Floriane Barot (ULB)

  • Title of the project: “Benthic diversity from the Gerlache strait as assessed by the Rauschert dredge”
  • Director(s): Bruno Danis