Marine Ecology (BIOL-F-417)

This course was called Marine Biology (BIOL-F-417) but the name has been changed to better reflect the content.

Provisional schedule

Note that the participation to the excursion and practicals are required to complete the course.


11/10/202309:00-12:00Oceanography, geology, history, and technologyMKVUB
17/10/202308:00-18:00Excursion with Simon Stevin (ULB students)MKOostend
18/10/202308:00-18:00Excursion with Simon Stevin (VUB students)MKOostend
25/10/202308:00-11:00Analysis of data collected during the excursionMKVUB, 2 computer rooms
08/11/202309:00-12:00Pelagic biological processesAVdPULB
15/11/202309:00-12:00Coral reef ecologyMKVUB
22/11/202309:00-12:00Benthic biological processesAVdPULB
06/12/202309:00-12:00Connectivity of populationsMKVUB
13/12/202309:00-12:00Case study: Southern Ocean + global change in the oceanAVdPULB
AVdP: Anton Van der Putte
MK: Marc Kochzius

All course material (PDFs)

Practical Marine Biodiversity Data

Below are the files for the practical Marine Biodiversity Data. This includes the slides and the 2 files you will work with.



Google doc


  • Oceanography, geology, history, and technology
  • Coral reef ecology
  • Pelagic biological processes
  • Connectivity of populations
  • Case study: Southern Ocean + global change in the ocean


  1. Introduction to Marine Ecology
  2. Marine Biology schedule 2021-2022
  3. Marine_Biology_syllabus
  4. Global Change_2020_2021 slides
  5. Pelagic Biological Processes_20212022 slides
  6. Benthic processes_20212022 slides
  7. Southern Ocean 2020_2021 slides