Open Data

As part of its efforts to accelerate biodiversity research, and to be inline with ongoing community efforts such as, the BIOMAR Lab offers access to a range of Open Access datasets. You can browse the datasets below:

Danis, B., Christiansen, H., Heindler, F. M., Houston, R., Jossart, Q., Lucas, K., Moreau, C., Pasotti, F., Robert, H., Wallis, B., & Saucède, T. (2021). The Belgica 121 expedition to the Western Antarctic Peninsula: a high resolution biodiversity census.
Danis, B. (2021). Fauna and flora inventories (terrestrial and limnetic) from the South of Belgium.
Katz, L., Sirjacobs, D., & Danis, B. (2021). Distribution of Macroalgae in the area of Calvi (Corsica, Mediterranean Sea).
Danis, B., & Coupremanne, M. (2019). Echinoderms occurence in a strongly contaminated Bay (Portman, Spain), using ROV and Scuba-diving surveys.
Danis, B. (2019). Fauna inventories from the intertidal zone in Wimereux, France.