Open Data

As part of its efforts to accelerate biodiversity research, and to be inline with ongoing community efforts such as, the BIOMAR Lab offers access to a range of Open Access datasets. You can browse the datasets below:

Danis, B., Christiansen, H., Heindler, F. M., Houston, R., Jossart, Q., Lucas, K., Moreau, C., Pasotti, F., Robert, H., Wallis, B., & Saucède, T. (2021). The Belgica 121 expedition to the Western Antarctic Peninsula: a high resolution biodiversity census.
Danis, B. (2021). Fauna and flora inventories (terrestrial and limnetic) from the South of Belgium.
Katz, L., Sirjacobs, D., & Danis, B. (2021). Distribution of Macroalgae in the area of Calvi (Corsica, Mediterranean Sea).
Moreau, C., Le Bourg, B., Balazy, P., Danis, B., Eleaume, M., Jossart, Q., Kuklinski, P., Lepoint, G., Saucède, T., Van de Putte, A., Gan, Y., & Michel, L. (2021). Stable isotope ratios of C, N and S in Southern Ocean sea stars (1985-2017).
Danis, B., & Coupremanne, M. (2019). Echinoderms occurence in a strongly contaminated Bay (Portman, Spain), using ROV and Scuba-diving surveys.
Danis, B. (2019). Fauna inventories from the intertidal zone in Wimereux, France.