Marine Pyl

About me

I am a PhD student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) since October 2018 (supervisor : Bruno Danis).

My researches will focus on the role of microplastics in the biokinetics and effects of co-contaminants in marine organisms from contrasting regions. This research project aims at better understanding the processes underlying the biokinetics of plastics-absorbed pollutants in model organisms, the extent at which plastic act as vectors for absorbed pollutants, and the extent at which plastics modulate the response of model organisms exposed to these contaminants, with a special focus on endocrine disruption.

In 2017, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Oceanography and Marine Environment at the University Pierre and Marie Currie in Paris. I conducted my Master’s Thesis in the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology as part of the JPI Ocean’s BASEMAN project. The project aimed to assess the utility of fish as proxy indicators of microplastic pollution.

In 2018, I worked at the Laboratory of Oceanology of Liège, where I was involved in a series of research projects about the ecology and contamination dynamic of several marine mammals species.

These research experiences allowed me to raise my awareness about the marine pollution problem, making the preservation of the ocean health my foremost concern.



PhD student


  1. radioecology
  2. microplastics
  3. ecotoxicology


Pyl, M. (2022, September). Transfer of 14C-PCB-153 from microplastics to Paracentrotus lividus. Microplastic Pollution 2022, Naples, Italy.
Pyl, M., Taylor, A., Oberhänsli, F., Swarzenski, P., Besson, M., Danis, B., & Metian, M. (2022). Evidence of microplastic-mediated transfer of PCB-153 to sea urchin tissues using radiotracers. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 185, 114322.
Pyl, M., Taylor, A., Oberhänsli, F., Swarzenski, P., Hussamy, L., Besson, M., Danis, B., & Metian, M. (2022). Size-dependent transfer of microplastics across the intestinal wall of the echinoid Paracentrotus lividus. Aquatic Toxicology, 106235.
Pyl, M., Danis, B., Oberhaensli, F., Taylor, A., Swarzenski, P., & Metian, M. (2021). An effective method to assess the sorption dynamics of PCB radiotracers onto plastic and sediment microparticles. MethodsX, 8, 101395.


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