Research at BIOMAR


The “Marine Biology” (BIOMAR) team of ULB has a long experience in the research field of Antarctic invertebrates, in a range of topics including biochemistry, ecophysiology or impacts of Global Change on benthic ecosystems.

The BIOMAR Marine Biology Lab at ULB carries out its research on the bioecology of marine benthic invertebrates, with a special focus on echinoderms. BIOMAR has accumulated over 40 years of experience in echinoderms biology. Our expertise with this phylum dates back to 1969, when Prof. Michel Jangoux was first recruited under the direction of Prof. Jean Bouillon, a cnidarian specialist.

Since 1989, BIOMAR is closely associated to the marine biology laboratory of the Mons University (UMH), as both were under the supervision of Prof. Jangoux, forming the “Centre Interuniversitaire de Biologie Marine” (CIBIM).

Take a look at our Projects and Publications pages for more details on current research activities.

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